22H Pimpin Ave

I always seem to get off on the wrong floor. I work on the 22nd floor and I live on the 22nd floor so I don’t really know how that happens. I always know I’m safe when I get off the elevator, turn to the right, and see this glorious door. I haven’t met these neighbors but I really wish that I had. Our friend Joe always gets excited and reminds us how happy he is we live on pimpin ave. I’m happy about it too.


Our neighbors right next to us, Chris and his wife, are a dream. Quiet. Always there when our lock gets stuck and I get locked out of the apt. Willing to let me take a 30 minute tour of their one bedroom apt and comment on every thing that I see. Sometimes I see Chris when I’m waiting for the bus. He works at a law firm by my old apt in the Flat Iron. He taught me that while the bus has a schedule never go by it. Really, it just stresses you out. You start accusing the bus in your head of being late and talking to it, telling it to come. Then it does come only it’s empty or it’s only going two more stops and that’s it. You can’t control the bus any more than you control the subway. At least the subway is warm and being underground is generally warm.

(Dave just got home and reminded me that we are kind of perpendicular to pimpin ave, not really on pimpin ave.)