Best Valentine’s Day Card

I got a valentine’s day card from our doorman Reggie at work. I’ve never met someone so passionate about life, travel, working extra hours, having a good weekend, talking about the weather, selling stuff on the internet, getting my email address, telling me about things happening in his body etc. Really, he is a favorite. I don’t know how I could walk into work every morning without hearing his laugh.

On Friday, as I was walking through the security gates, he yelled my company’s name at me.  I turned around and he said I just have this valentines day card for you!


As I got in the elevator I really had tears in my eyes. How so so nice. But then this


I really had to refrain from dying laughing in the elevator because I know there are security cameras in the elevator. This is what makes Reggie so great. I may have a real job but you know,  I might be interested in a lucrative pyramid scheme that could make me lots and lots of money? I’ve received some of his cards before but this one is our favorite. We can’t figure out what it says. “Men Dun a wig and listen too?” Please tell me if you can figure out something different.


I hope your Valentine’s day was all that you deserved and nothing more.