Valentine’s Day 2010

We had a nice Saturday/Sunday Valentines Day.


Dave bought me lilies (which he got all over his shirt and all over our white couch, different story though) and I bought flowers for myself at Pathmark.


We went and sat in the depths of the earth for an hour and a half without water bottles and I thought I was going to pass out. We really sat in giant ovens and took turns throwing buckets of cold water over our heads along with lots of gross young guys and gross old guys and girls. We also watched a guy get the sea urchin treatment where he basically just got slapped around with a sea urchin. Weird.  Here’s the website. This one guy from Law and Order used to go there and really just about everyone since 1892.


On actual Valentine’s Day we went to our friends’ apt in Carroll Gardens and ate lots of delicious Valentine’s Day treats. We made these insanely easy jolly rancher suckers. Recipe here. Pretty, yummy and they take years and years to eat.

Sorry we don’t have many pictures with real people in them. We’ll work on that.