Winter Walks






If you haven’t heard already, NY has received record snowfall this month and come to think of it, it does seem like a lot more than last year. Snow on the east coast is very dramatic. It becomes the #1 topic at work all day, people wondering how am I going to get home? my train! my bus! my subway! I did like this display when I got off the bus. Caution tape around a giant puddle. Actually, it’s kind of a nice gesture.

Friday night I went for a midnight winter walk. Dave passed out on the couch after having an all-night study session on thursday (his birthday by the way) and I just decided to relive old memories and walk in the freshly fallen snow. Made me miss liberty square and brynne and byu 68th ward (maybe?) friends and moon boots and seeing deer run in between houses. This was equally magical but sad in the sense that I don’t really know anyone that lives in any of the houses around there. I’m just in some really random place across the country.