Me and the Count

Is it weird when you realize that the man you spend the most time with everyday is in a book? Me and the Count of Monte Cristo are becoming extremely close. I was with him in the beginning when he was getting married and everything was awesome and I was with him during all those miserable years in prison and now I am with him as he just owns everyone and everything around him. I don’t remember him being so powerful in the recent movie (which I loved and inspired me to read the book) but in the book he is just manipulating everyone. I can’t even tell what he’s doing anymore. I just want him to get back together with Mercedes in the end and for the life of me I can’t remember if he does! I’m saving the movie to watch again after I finish reading all 1,488 pages of it. Did I mention I’m reading it on my phone too? That’s like 4,000 pages.

My favorite line from the book so far?

The son of the girl that the Count used to like (simplified explanation) has a friend that comes over one morning and says:

“I am hungry feed me. I am bored, amuse me.”

I feel this way every day of my life. Amuse me. Hug me. Feed me. Make me warm. I’m going to start using that line (and variations of it) everyday.

So I’m married to the Count and Dave is married to school.