Bus Stop – Pink Spring Jacket


Oh the bus. I take it. Every morning and every night (business days only.) During the winter time it’s miserable, spring time it’s magical, summer and fall – haven’t tried that too much yet. While I was living in Manhattan, I think I took the bus once. I never took advantage of the “cross-town” buses but please remember them when you are uptown and you are on the east side of central park and need to get to the west side. I took a manhattan bus once, it even had the accordion middle. Pretty neat. The ones I take in the Bronx feel pretty normal, except that the seats are covered in sharpie marker grafitti and the floor has lots of trash. No one is taking the bus “for fun” here. It’s for life. And sometimes those school kids are scary.

Waiting at the bus stop can be really fun or really not fun. Winter time – the wind is blowing, the snow is in your face and you are over the thrill of the bus immediately. Especially when your bus gets stuck. Spring time- it’s actually pretty fun to be outside and get on the bus and look at all the stores and people as you drive by. Weird barbershops, weird corner delis, weird furniture stores, and lots of funny signs to look at.

Waiting for the bus in the rain? Not that fun. Unless it’s the light, mystical misty NY rain that I love.

Where was this picture taken?

One of the City Island bus stops. Right in front of a classy tattoo parlor. I will admit this picture is not accurate since my bus stop is Morris Park in the Bronx but we wanted to go for a drive and the City Island bus stops were a lot more vacant seeming. We’ll talk more about City Island another time.