Glen Island – White Lacy Scarf


Have you ever moved somewhere far away and felt like everything that was beautiful in your life you’d never see again? I used to live a 10 minute drive from Utah Lake. (See cool picture here) And when I felt stressed I would drive my green bug over there and just sit and stare at the water. Lots of pretty sunsets, boats, sometimes sunflowers, and just a calming place. (never mind the amazing mountains that surround that whole valley.)

I moved to New York – thought it would be a short-term thing- and decided I would say good bye to beauty for a while. One day I took the subway up to the Bronx to visit my then boyfriend (now husband) at the time and he drove me through the Bronx, through New Rochelle, and took a right to go to Glen Island.

As soon as we parked I ran as fast I could through the snow and just couldn’t believe that I was finally at a place that was comparable to “my utah lake.” That night we had our first kiss and we have returned many times to visit, to long board (when I’m feeling like my life is too adult), and we even had a picnic with some friends.

Glen Island was originally bought in 1879 and turned into a theme park (I’ve never noticed this or guessed that about it) featuring a zoo, beer garden, musical entertainment, etc. What you can still see is an old stone castle that’s fun to climb inside and a beach that you can pay for in the summer time. (Yes paying to go to the beach is weird.) The Glen Island Harbour Club is ritzy and beautiful at night, seen across the water. Other highlights include a random floating house and millions of sailboats.


The Scarf:White,Lacy, Fringe, Originally was a table runner but I love it a scarf.

Stats:It’s a triangle. 5 feet long on one side, 4 feet long on the other two sides. It is lacy, frilly.

Issues:Tiny Tiny spots here and there. Really it’s perfect

Given to me by: My Aunt. I found it at my Grandma’s house and she said I could have it.

White Lacy Scarf. $5. Buy it here