Guitar w/ Backpack


This is how life rolls the past few weeks. 15 minute hang outs, guitar playing with your backpack on because you really have to go to school. I think sometimes it’s good I don’t write things when I really want to write them because then they would make me sound like a major complainer. It just feels crazy every once and awhile to marry someone that you never see, you probably see their clothes more. And it makes you feel sad when you think of all the fun NY activities happening and making plans and how you can’t make plans because every night/day is study time.

I guess that’s how I felt yesterday morning when I was writing thank you cards for our wedding and thinking back on the past 5 months (crazy!) And I kept thinking all these dramatic statements (maybe you know you’re a natural blogger/writer if you constantly narrate your life in your head. I’m trying to see it as a blessing somehow, rather than a crazy annoying thing) and then I left our apt and went for a walk and got distracted. I remembered how much I really like the Bronx and I like walking around and I loved the weather. Hours pass by and you do various activities like dying your skirts and dresses with fabric dye or planting your parsley plant in the garden and then all the sudden it doesn’t seem so bad.

Then it hits you double as hard that you don’t have it that bad when you talk to a sister at church (like I did today) who’s husband lives far away. In Ghana actually. She and her husband got married last year and he hasn’t been able to get the paperwork to come! She told me about their long conversations on the phone that last for hours and it just made my heart hurt and made me want to take back all of those feelings of sadness I’ve had. Especially because she just acted like it was nothing. Just laughing about how long they always talked on the phone.