Walk Home

Today I was thinking about walking and wishing that I had done more of it in my life. (at least when the weather is nice) I walk home from the subway after work almost every night at 7:30 and I’m always in the best mood because of all the things around me. My favorite part of the walk is either cutting through the gas station parking lot (i don’t know why I enjoy that so much) or, much more exciting, passing under the bridge that the homeless guy hangs out under. This homeless guy is really great, I actually said Hi to him one time and I really want to be his friend. One night when I was walking towards the bridge I smelt a fire and my homeless guy was sitting on a bucket in front of a cardboard box that had a hole in it. He had a little stick poking inside the hole and it was very clear that there was a fire inside the cardboard box. Tonight he was just hanging out on a lawn chair with his legs all stretched out. Other nights he is fixing his bike or sorting through his big bags of things. We’re not quite sure what his story is because he’s never there at night but he owns that spot during the day.

Anyways, the point of this story is not to tell you the details of the walk but to say that when I walk around in the Bronx I think about how much I love walking around and how there are so many exciting things to see. Then I remember how much I used to love to go for walks in the avenues and the cemetery by the Green House and how much I loved walking around Provo. So the point is living anywhere is exciting and when you walk around you see a lot more rather than you do driving all the time.