Water Aerobics Sucess

How do you know when you’ve reached success as a teacher? When your students want your lesson plan. Imagine if I was a history teacher and my student wanted to reread the lesson. That would be awesome. So maybe it’s not as life changing with a water aerobics lesson plan but I’m grateful that all my hours of planning and practicing is going to someone.

Warm Up
Jog back and forth in the pool with weights
Small Jumping Jacks
Small Kicks (front, side, back)
Toe Taps
Heel Taps
Ankle Taps
Light Jog with Arm Circles

Quick Stretch

Front Punches
Cross Punches
Front Uppercuts
Cross Uppercuts
Hook Punch
Jump rope
Squat to Side Kicks
Front Kick/Back Kick (alternate)
Jumping Jacks

Leaps to the right
Turn and jog forward
Ski (Straight arms and legs)
Hop Back
High Knees + Arm Circles
(Repeat going opposite way)

Jumping Jacks (5x forward, 5x backward)
Tuck Jumps (Quarter Turns)
Scissor Jumps (5x each leg)
Scissor Jacks
Trunk Twists (arms on hips and turn back and forth)
Elbow to Knee
Wide Leg Jog (bring legs in and out as you jog)

Strength Training
Squats with weights – front and back
Turn with weights
Push weights down
Lean forward on water and bring weights in.
Push-ups on the side (front and back)
Bicycle Kicks against the wall