Bond Street Sights

Cute store windows –

The Smile- I keep wanting to eat here! I just looked at their menu and they serve warm brownies and icecream and berries and icecream. Website

the smile on bond street

I found Gap Bermuda shorts for 10 bucks at that ghetto store with the dressing room and I bought green and orange ones. I proceeded to wear them to work, trying to play them off as “dressy shorts.” I don’t think I pulled it off, but I got away with it. These chinese patterned mary janes have lots of different colored and patterned friends at Pearl River Mart (one my top favorite stores to visit in Soho.)

bond street outfit

40 Bond Street is a magical building. This is a sideways shot of a really really skinny entrance. The ceilings and walls are engraved and it looks like an entrance to a place that I really want to go to.

40 bond street

Awesome graffiti inspired wall.

Here’s some cool facts about this place:

40 Bond will have 27 loft style apartments. Five townhouses will have their own separate entrances and private rear gardens. A triplex penthouse will top the 11-story condo. Units will have dual gas and wood-burning fireplaces custom designed by Herzog & de Meuron. Floors will be wide-plank oak, and ceiling heights will be over 11 feet. Floor to ceiling windows will be fully-operable. Fixtures will include lighting by Jasper Morrison and kitchen appliances from Miele. A long list of amenities includes concierge services provided by the staff at the Gramercy Park Hotel on 24-hour call.

Basically you are buying an apartment in a hotel. Sweet.

40 bond street

Also on Bond Street? Dick Blick.

Dick Blick Soho

I got some cheap picture frames here for our bathroom constellation collage. It was a little pricey. I think i would go to Pearl Paint instead.

Billy Reid was my last stop before I headed uptown. I spent 5 minutes outside the store staring at it and trying to avoid eye contact with the preppy dressed guys standing on the stairs. Finally I went outside and had a 20 minute conversation with one of the preppy guys who told me all about Billy Reid (he’s a designer from Alabama who has this great Southern Style. Lots of seer sucker, light/bright colors, and just happiness in general.) The store is in an old building but everything inside has been constructed and brought in. The ceiling is from an old factory in Alabama, the floor is from something, the chandeliers are all vintage, etc. Makes for a really cool looking store. Here’s their pics (I felt dumb taking my own)

billy reid soho

billy reid soho 2billy reid