Subway Stories

Story #1: Tonight on the train ride I witnessed something ridiculous. I got in a crowded train with a girl holding a baby after work. We were pretty squished in there and I guess her butt was getting a little close to one of the guys sitting down. It wasn’t like it was right in front of his face but she was kind of leaning up against the bar on the side of the bench. The guy did not like that. He sighed over and over again and finally knocked against the bar to tell her to move. She said oh sorry and moved. He kept mumbling and rolling his eyes and the girl’s friend saw what was happening and went nuts. Yelling, screaming at him about looking at her ** and why should he even be looking at her ** and just basically how dumb he was. I felt really privileged to stand right next to them for that conversation. It was basically two black girls just owning him and the guy just kept mumbling and no one could hear what he was saying. The girl’s friend was shouting all sorts of things like “if my man was here he’d beat you up” and some other things I really don’t want to repeat. Obviously, they were missing a key part of why he was so dumb! When we first got on the train and her butt was in his face he looked up at her almost as if to signal to her that she could have his seat. I was even thinking in my head – how nice. Then he just started groaning and sighing and being an idiot. That is one of the number one unwritten rules of the subway. If someone has a kid, especially a baby, they get a seat. Always. I wanted to open my mouth and say “the main point here is that you are a jerk for not offering her your seat and whining about her standing too close to you.” But, I don’t really have any cred. So I just let the girls go for it. And to his credit, he survived about 30 minutes of smack talk. Maybe someday I’ll be the cute little old lady that steps in and says whatever I want.

Story #2: This morning I sat down next to a guy that was dead asleep against the bar on the side of the bench. He looked very very sleepy. I had a feeling that was a bad seat to take. We went a few stops and all the sudden he fell off the bench on to the floor. He didn’t face plant, he did a knee plant I guess you would call it. Any normal person would have felt really embarrassed and got back up asap. This guy continued to sleep! By then we had a little circle formed around the guy, trying to figure out what he was doing. He was on his knees and was leaning and sleeping and kind of groaning.  I put my journal away so that I could jump up the second he touched me. Somehow in his sleep he got himself back on to the bench with his backpack still on. He was really leany though. I wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do. Finally a lady asked him if he needed a doctor. (now that’s what I should have done!) He just kind of groaned and kept…sleeping? The guy across from was laughing saying he just needed another drink. Drunk at 8:00 AM? Lame. Drinking makes people look the lamest of lame.

What inspired what would you do? The show What Would You Do. Somehow I always catch a snippet of it on Friday nights. Tonight they had a scenario with an old lady buying her prescriptions and finding out that she had to pay full price for the meds – $140. They tried to see if people would step up and offer to help pay. So many people did! And every time they did I cried. People are so nice sometimes.