Dave and I are Transitioning

The Sunday after we got back from the Bahamas, Dave had a fancy Transition ceremony with lots of really nice speakers, funny stories, nice (and not so nice) Einstein food, and lots of fun classmates who had just taken the boards. The idea of transitioning is really cute. They transitioned from school all day to working at the hospital all day! I tried to think of lots of creative ways to use transitioning in a sentence but in the end I just looked like I’m in high school in this picture.

Very nice job Dave! Now he looks like this everyday:

And brings home this:

Thank you for the free meal card Montefiore. It has been a really great blessing in our lives so far and Dave has only had it for a week. (He gets $15 to spend everyday at the hospital!) I like that he gets to wear pajamas to work everyday.

I am also transitioning. I’ve been taking a Fundamentals of Textiles class from this fabulous man:

who loves social media and the internet and gets very excited about italian mills and custom made suits. I also said goodbye to my job with really nice people and now i’m trying to beg my way into the fashion design program at FIT. Funny how transitioning can be planned and not so planned.