It’s way too HOT.

Our A/C Seems to be struggling to actually cool down the apt (blowing air doesn’t really count as a/c) and our car is still a/c-less. Lots and lots of hot car hours have been endured over the past few days. Here’s some things we’ve done.


We saw the Cathedral of St. John’s which is unfinished on one side. See it? (this place is huge!)


Wandered around Columbia which is such a classy campus.


Said goodbye to giant stacks of paper Dave read for his 2nd year of medical school. With a studio apt, I feel like we’re always reorganizing and throwing stuff out.


Ate yummy food at Dinosaur BBQ. Come visit and we will take you!


Awesome Macy’s Fireworks. Including smiley face ones and cubes! We basically watched 6 fireworks shows at the same time. Plus 15 extra illegal fireworks shows happening all over in the Bronx and way off in Brooklyn.

Back Camera

This is how we ended our weekend. Buying an iMac (goodbye portable mac) from some random lady in Harlem. We plugged in at the storage unit to make sure it turned on.

The best part of buying this item is that once again, no a/c + an accidental turn on to the GW bridge, a $10 toll, a 30 minute hatred ride on the Palisades Parkway, and then back across the GW bridge and back home. I’m finding a whole new meaning to back sweat in this heat.