Becoming a clothing snob

My fundamentals of textiles class is turning me into a fabric, textile, and clothing snob.

The old me would go through thrift stores and grab every H&m item I liked or some goodies from Gap or Banana Republic.

The new me looks at tags and feels fabrics and scoffs at how much companies use acrylic. Here are some things I think you should know about fabrics (and maybe you already know and you didn’t tell me!)

Cotton and linen are nice for hot summers because they like water so they absorb and evaporate all your sweat fast.

Fibers come in different lengths ( fibers are woven into yarns to make fabric) and short ones are used to make toothbrush bristles and long ones could be made into fabric for a mens suit.

Shorter fibers are less comfortable and less soft. Pima cotton and lambs wool and egyptian cotton are actually better than the normal stuff. (as long as it’s legit)

Cotton may keep you cool but it also absorbs stains and you have to wash it more.

Cellulosic fibers (like cotton, hemp, flax etc) are really flammable.

Protein fibers (wool, silk) can smother fires. They are flame resistant. I think I’ve seen someone throw a wool blanket on a fire in a movie before. They make airplane seats out of wool for this reason.

Synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester) melt. Ouch.

Synthetic fibers also have pilling problems. ( you know those little balls you get all over your sweater when you wash it and wear it a lot?) this a reason to dislike acrylic.

How to make pleats in skirts – use thermoplastic fibers (fibers that get soft when you add heat. Mostly synthetic ones)

Dupioni silk is made with two silk worms! Two friends create silk cocoons together. So it’s pretty expensive and nice

Pulled wool means they took it from a dead sheep. (which means worse quality)

Acrylic is used instead of wool because it can be washed without the garment shrinking. But in my experience it is itchy.

Lyocell is more environmentally friendly than rayon.

Never use silk for curtains or anything exposed to lots of sun. It will detierorate. I cant spell that.

That’s probably enough. I can go into more detailed explanations of any of the above.