Summer School


I realized today that this is probably the most intense summer of school that dave and I have ever experienced.

There was the time when I was in stats with Dantzel and Econ with Ashley for spring semester at the BYU SLC center. That was definitely sad summer school (besides all the nelsiens chocolate icecream cones and watching the office in the break room). This is good summer school for both of us! But I feel like my brain is exploding with excitement and anxiety all at once. Dave is just owning his surgery rotation, obviously. I wish I had pictures of his experience but heres pictures of mine (flat patterns + the knitting room in the basement of FIT)



So we’re kinda of socially dead but come August I’m freee (and Dave is more free too)

Ps I can’t complain because this lady in my class keeps saying “ah yes” “oh yes I get it” “oh its so beauuutiful” “oh that’s so lovely” in a really thick Argentinian accent. Class time is instantly happier, plus the guy that is selling his 3-d model pattern idea to every person that comes in and all the other quality people in there.