Summer is almost here

Well, mine is here. Dave’s will be here in less than 2 weeks! And by this I mean, I just finished classes and Dave will be finishing his busy surgery rotation so that’s nice! Here’s my final project for flat patterns

My mom always said that mistakes can be a good thing growing up. My teacher loved the seams on my sleeve so I told her that I sewed the sleeve in backwards on accident but then I liked the way it looked. She didn’t like that comment at all so I better just keep my mouth shut about those accidents. Here are some of my friends/classmates dresses:

This dress was done by Benjamin who used to work for a dressmaker in Singapore and liked asking which dress was your favorite while making eye motions towards his. We only had to make a half dress since it was such a short semester but benjamin just went for the whole thing – tulle slip and all!

Our apartment looks like this a lot now:

And i keep finding designers I’m in love with

So besides school, my new responsibility is keeping Dave awake while studying. It’s really fun to yell “Boo” every 5 minutes. Our white couch is very comfortable and makes you uncontrollably sleepy.

And lots of fun face chatting (i love that you can take screen shots on the iphone too)

And video chatting with Lucky! I have not seen this man for 2 + years.

I felt so lucky to video chat with him when he was in the Congo. I can’t believe he went straight there from his mission in France. I can’t believe he is working for a Mom and Pop stand there. I can’t believe he convinced me of all these things!! Dave came over and said hey, that looks like condo row. It was.

In a few days I’ll be visiting this little one!