Summer Visitors

Summer has begun! Dave’s family medicine rotation is full of nicer working hours and lots of busy work (like giving a presentation about fruits and veggies to people in waiting rooms?) But we’ve had some nice summer times so far and plan to make this month the month of tennis. Look out.

A few weeks ago I went on a free bike ride on a friday afternoon with Ashley at Governor’s Island. Dave and I went to governor’s island for a military reenactment last year but we walked around the island and we were very very tired when we were done. Bike rides are the way to go! Especially because it was so stressful to steer around the oncoming bikers on these giant marshmallow bikes.

This is a rug I made a few months ago but never finished because I couldn’t decide on outside colors and then I didn’t like the colors I already had and I just decided to say goodbye. Rug tying is such a nice activity. Here’s the video if you want to make one (the rug is folded in the pic. It’s a big circle!)

P.s. I turned 23 on wednesday! And this is what happened:

Dave’s parents came on the early morning flight and we took a nice drive

then they took a nice nap

i went to the GIANT forever 21 at times square and saw some of the special collections brooke told me about. I liked them but didn’t like all the 15 years being crazy excited all around me.

We ate dinner at Grey Dog and dave and I went to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate and while we waited we went to Sutton Place Park on the east river. Pretty pretty

This is when we saw Kiss. I’ve made a goal to be more calm around stars next time. But we knew when we sat down they were something cool. Then the guy at the table next to us says I think that’s Gene Simmons. Then the waiter asked them if they wanted anything else and Tommy Thayer said “do you want anything else Gene?” GENE. It was him, it was him! And tommy thayer. We saw them both. Tommy is just next to Dave in this pic.

I attempted to get some KISS heads in the picture but got stressed and only got the chandeliers. (ps the frozen hot chocolate from serendipity is not as good as frozen hot chocolate from chelsea market. but serendipity is really cool)

We went to Coney Island for the first time on Saturday! I want to go back all the time. The Cyclone rollercoaster is like 90 years old and I screamed like a little girl the whole time. They have tons of funny cool rides like this Surf’s Up one!

Some shots from Mamaroneck park today: