bye summer

School starts for me on Monday! Draping, Tailoring, and Ballet (i may regret that decision..) + lots of fun internships. Dave finishes Family Medicine next week (tomorrow they are doing a cooking demonstration in a waiting room!) And then he gets the nice relaxed schedule of radiology and geriatrics. Come be his friend! I’ve spent some nice afternoons with Sarah

and did some shopping with a really nice girl named Karen for Malgosia who’s doing the costume design for the movie Losing It. The movie might be kind of scandalous? I really hope not. They are filming all the scenes in the Bronx! That is exciting. And she has a cat that looks just like our kitty but is really cuddly and nice and jumps on your lap and ruins all the papers you are holding.

This magical house is by her apt

Oh and here’s the dress I designed and made! ( i thought i could make it in one day. but then it took a week.)

Can you see the 8 darts in the front? Looks like fish-bones. It’s a little short and a little see through and a little poofy but a good first round! Can you see the office in the background? I really feel like they are a part of our family. Now I’m making shorts and they are kind of hard.

Here’s a nice face chat I had with David and Lori tonight! This face chat stuff is great.

New dress form friend.