vacation week

(I already posted about this but this is a nice pic from karen and craig’s visit)

Sometimes it feels like you are on vacation when you didn’t even leave! I feel real irresponsible about this week but it was really nice and fun so maybe I won’t. Ashley and Joe came and we went to the Highline:

Magical windows

story of our friendship

magical buildings

magical airplanes asked someone to marry someone while we (and the crowd) watched.

Watched the US Open in Madison Square Park

inside the fountain they filled with turf to sit on

posing at the old home base of the old Met’s stadium in the parking lot of the new Mets stadium

Giant tennis balls are 40 bucks.

I like you Soderling but I don’t really know you

Federer I have some serious respect for you but I wasn’t impressed. This year just wasn’t your year at the US open. Amazing how this picture was so bright

and this so dark.

Einstein’s campus is really pretty sometimes

the saddest thing in my life right now. Not seeing this little one be so giggly and cute

This is what draping looks like okay

We like visiting the WTC site and Dave can tell you everything about it and it’s future. This pic is next to the tower that will be 1,776 feet tall. Get it?

The waterfront on the other side of the world financial center is magical.

We visited the mausoleums at the Woodlawn cemetery in the Bronx. Did those old rich guys from the 1800s ever know that the pretty countryside where they were going to be buried was going to be surrounded by the Bronx?

Some of the people buried here include JC Penny, the Macys guy, the Woolworths guy, Jay Gould, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Miles Davis. And tons of people that just thought they deserved to be buried in a temple.

Seriously, who deserves this? I think this guy was a shipping millionaire or something. So he deserved a castle.

The view from our apt never gets old even if sometimes it feels like I’m in a floating box in the middle of nowhere.

We went to fashion week and it was pretty nuts. This is when Bryan Adams was singing at Calvin Klein. He also did the photography there. I don’t really know who he is

This is when we posed next to the Tommy Hilfiger station wagons in front of the store. I was in love and impressed.

This is when the street got owned by motorcycles. Critical mass?

First day on the movie set. Lots of ironing and handing people clothes. And organizing stuff and being nice to help. And sitting around while other people sit around and yell CUT ACTION ROLLING.