from dave’s phone

I’ve started making mixes from the songs I star on iTunes when I’m working. It’s kind of fun. Dave has tons of pics from his phone that cover events I’ve never photographed! (some are mine mixed in)

This night we found giant model pictures in trash in Soho

These are the wool shorts I’m working on for Dave. So far a 50% failure

Fancy schmancy party for this new show at Rockefeller Center (where they have the ice skating rink) This one guy came out and all these boys wanted his autograph and we couldn’t figure out who he was.

Filming bus scene for Losing it Movie. Lots of nice friends

Buying our white couch at Macys!

Dave’s old study days with Jesus!

Really nice friend San Deep. I’m a big fan

Justice for the wedding dress

Loved you Lemonade

The tower we live in

Dave gets acupuncture

This happens when you always eat cereal and work at the same time

This pic is for you Dad! Jimmy from Seinfeld’s shoes! Someone actually owned these things and we saw them in the trash at school.

Dave’s food project for Family Medicine. Teaching and making healthy meals

All the dishes after our Kenyan meal. Dave trying to not have to do the dishes

I loved Vampire Weekend! Even though we were miles away and I could I hardly see them. I loved every minute of it.