the party is over

We’re back to long hours and falling asleep on the couch studying for Dave. Why was it dark by 6:30 today? So so sad. But here’s some pictures.

We have our own garden plot starting next year! This is the compost bin.

We took a drive through Riverdale in the Bronx yesterday and I would like to live there. Really old houses and small, bumpy streets. Plus, Wave Hill! I’m not sure exactly what it is besides being a place like thanksgiving point where you go in and see pretty grounds and over look the Hudson River.

I call these grape flowers.

Inside Wave Hill house where I made eye contact with Jenna from 30 rock! Luckily it didn’t click until she walked away otherwise I would have had a really dumb look on my face.

Very pretty

My dress is on the right and I got a B. I was really sad about that but then realized it wasn’t that cool so I deserved it

I had an interview in Ossining to be a site manager at the Farmer’s Market in Mamarrowneck! Don’t know if I got it yet but I liked Ossining.

Dave participated in the Broadway Bomb on saturday. I should have done it but I don’t think I have the turning or stopping skills I would like to have to ride between cars and people

The beginning when they ran up the hill

I tried to run and keep up but I couldn’t keep up

Tyson’s little bro riding for breast cancer awareness.

I took the subway from 110th to Wall Street and it took forever! I ran and saw Nick passing through.

Tons of skateboarders and really sad traffic jam. (before the cops came)

Dave ran into Jeffrey and Stephen! What a great reunion

And we ate lunch at Zaitzeff together.

I went to a baby shower with Nicki

Look at this nice painting of the ward secretary and his wife!

Cutest little girl and her mom, Carla

Back to Wave Hill pics.

Wave Hill Mansion