Monday is the new Saturday

I’ve discovered that weekends feel like work and my saturdays are actually mondays. I spent 4 hours Monday painting white walls..white. Long story. Here’s some other stuff that’s happened. (sorry to the housing office who will have to figure out why there is paint all over the floor everywhere and the finish taken off some of the tiles)

Dave took this but he never posts things. We may live in a random location, but we have a nice view!

This is our little friend breyton in his strongman costume at the ward halloween party. Dave’s costume looked kind of cool hanging from the coat rack in the lobby.

Hey, I’m a tree! And dave is the leaves that fell from my tree.

(inspired by the best dog costume I’ve ever seen)

look at the little astronaut! they got his costume at the Smithsonian. I say it’s worth every dollar they spent.

Hey young women’s

Donuts on a string contest, hanging from our coat rack

Pie eating contest! The YW definitely represented. I was impressed.

Little dorothy!

We went to PS1 for MOVE! It was pretty cool. In this room, they would do your hair all crazy like a model.

They dropped buckets of paints on models to create clothes

Clothes for sale

weird tinfoil men.

After the dump

Making skirts with the YW!

It was a fun time.

the perfect meal. I found it!! It’s at Bare Burger in Astoria (and now in the West Village too!) Chicken strips, ranch, steak sauce, carrots, apples, french fries. (and a peanut butter shake!) I even got a kids meal size without being a kid. Yes.

Nice Sunday at Manor Park

Apartment turned red from the sun!

On Halloween, our friend Julie and family had a halloween party at their house! Halloween with little ones is magical. We went outside for a mini-scavenger hunt in the freezing cold. (Dave wrote a paper at school all night. Best halloween ever for him)

Jana schooled us

I’ve been feeling turquoise lately. (maybe because it’s one of brynne’s colors?) I bought some turquoise dye to dye my pale yellow dress (and some other stuff) a more fun color. It kind of worked. Now it kind of looks tie-dyed.