New job.

I figured since I’m sitting here, I could write. I asked this vendor thats packing up tons of fruits and veggies if I could help and he said no. But I have to wait until he’s done before I can leave so that’s sad.

Today I substituted for a market manager in Mount Kisco. Cute village! I had to do a bunch of circles around the area to find the place when it was still dark this morning. Can I say this is my type of place? Everyone is coming from these small towns (or receiving drop offs from farms) and they just want to chat it up. They want to tell you about the prettiest places to go upstate and give you free homemade pasta and chocolate covered almonds and homemade nutella. They want to laugh about how you live in new York but you are from Utah. They tell you all about their kids and family and farms. I just felt so overwhelmed with niceness except for the guy that said my eyes were so beautiful I make guys not know what to say. That was too much. All the customers are excited to be there and tell you all about their diet and traditions. Enough said, farmers and other people that make stuff are so cool. Makes me miss my grandparents!

Oh and I’ve decided what I will do if I ever have a fire escape. Hang mini pumpkins! I took this next to sarah’s apt