Later Fall

So I wrote this post when I was ready to quit New York earlier and go crazy on every person that was touching me on the subway. Luckily, I’ve calmed down since then and I even felt happy when I almost ran into this guy (my fault) and I said sorry and he said, it’s okay! you can do that anytime! That’s what I should be saying. If someone is touching my knee, bam! touch my arm too. I’m going to turn the other cheek. Then I almost killed the WordPress app because it always crashes and nothing ever posts. I guess there is a reason why I didn’t get to publish my anger post.

I was running a few days ago and having a real hard timing convincing myself to keep going. Then I stopped and looked at the leaves and decided to that instead.

Young Women in Excellence with some of the girls. I wanted to buy the purses they made in the Kingsbridge Ward!

Poor Eric and Connor have a overnight flight + a layover! See you guys soon!