Family Visit

Eric and Connor came to new york a quick trip last weekend! While Eric had some business obligations, we had lots of hang out time with Connor.

Connor and I did some serious shopping together. His knowledge of garment construction is fantastic. Shawl collars, wool blends, etc. I think he knows more than I do.

Uniqlo had really cheery decorations, including Orlando Bloom!

All Saints of Spitalfield has really cool walls of older singer machines, spools, foot forms and other stuff. (maybe I’ve mentioned them before?)

Henri Bendels looks awesome this year.

We heard you could take a tour of the Plaza Hotel (which isn’t true) but you can go in the lobby and stare at all the rich people.

Connor found Connor!

Late afternoon walk in Central Park

We forked out the money to see In the Heights. It was very very good and gave the Poulsens a taste of Washington Heights

This is what happens every night as I wait for Dave to be ready to go to bed.