a year

So many people have told us congrats, and that’s so nice! The Kool-aid balloon waved at me on our anniversary night.

There was a huge crowd for the balloons but we plowed through and I enjoyed each one. Maybe one day we will see them in the air.

Kung Fu Panda was giant.

Touching the candy cane

The ornament balloons are most likely my favorite

Thursday morning football at Pelham Bay Park. David B. killed Dave with his hip so he had a nice chubby lip.

Our camera was dead and I didn’t take any pics at our thanksgiving dinner. Shoot. I’ll have to get them from Sarah. But this is what we saw when we drove home.

We decided to take a random trip to Newport, Rhode Island. I was thinking Catskills but then we decided to go farther. We stayed at Hotel Viking which was pretty cool. Sorry for soo many pics. I promise we only stayed one night. We just decided to live there someday and took millions of pictures.

Christmas Lobby

Christmas windows! I’ve never seen so many shops.

More christmas windows

Giant mast by the water

The amazing grace boat, complete with reindeer leading the front.

Best seafood we’ve ever had. That giant brown thing is a part of Dave’s fish and chips meal. No fish strips, just one giant fish.

More christmas windows

I found a cat sleeping in one of the art store windows. I tried really hard to wake it up

Christmas dessert at the hotel

View from the window

My favorite combo – wood siding and maroon trim

Big old, church. Since the 1600s.

That building is a fire station! The first one that has ever had a horse pulled steam engine (what?)

boats with beautiful bright work

Giant lobsters eating squid (with their claws tied shut)! This was awesome to watch

The bridge to Newport

Giant nutcracker in the lobby

Tv time

The cliff walk. Someday we’ll go back and do this

My favorite spot in all of Newport. Beautiful mansions, huge black rocks, and turquoise water! It was freezing

Chilly, chilly.

Hotel Viking

PS. Want an Edelweiss Dress? They are 40% off for the holidays! wahoo!

Speaking of Edelweiss, here’s a pic from a project I did with Sarah. Just some fun styling for the holidays. See all the pics on Sarah’s blog (oh and you can win one of her dresses! Just comment on this post before tomorrow)