the nutcracker

Dress is done, now Christmas can really come. I totally underestimated how many hours I would spend on this dress. If someone would like to purchase it, I think I would charge you $5,000. The night before it was due I worked through the night (Dave’s been doing overnight shifts at the hospital so the timing coordinated pretty well) and I spent probably around 8 hours a day (for lots of days) before that. Serious amount of work. I was just proud that I finished. My teacher lectured and lectured over the past weeks about how we were behind and how we would never finish and how we were talking too much (me, sorry). And then I finished, told you I would teacher! Even better was when I got an A. For real. I couldn’t believe it.

Original designs. She didn’t like them at all. Our colors for the project that we picked as a class were copper, black, cream, mint green, and a peachy pink.

Some more rough sketches

Some of the Art Deco inspiration (our theme).

My final drawing and inspiration. When I decided the pink dresses with the pleats that went all the way down the princess line and embroidered flowers idea wasn’t going to work, I switched completely to designing a military, nutcracker soldier girly dress. I believe this inspiration came from hearing about the American Ballet Theatre’s new production of the Nutcracker (which we are going to see on Christmas Eve!)

Here it is at school, on the dress form.


My teacher lecturing about presentation and getting people to want to come to our classroom and see our dresses. She really lectured as a lot about a lot of different things.

My favorite dress. This lady is an abstract painter but wants to become a fashion designer! Her dress was my favorite.

Prianka’s dress was definitely the teacher’s favorite. She fully lined the inside and it fit perfectly. Simple but beautiful

Another girl experimented with wire and it was really cool

Bethany’s dress was going to be really cool and colorful! If only she had more time..

This dress was really cool. Kind of gypsy-ish. It had little bells at buttons going down the front

My favorite dress. She used this really stiff stuff to make the sleeves and bottom stick out

The dress fit me!

I need to take in the top a little bit I think.