Today has been a blizzard day. When we left church at 12:45, it was already snowing and it just keeps going and going. I feel really sad for all the people stuck places but it’s really nice and fun when you are inside. My dad made a dinosaur for Brandon out of a fish hook grabber! I really enjoyed all the video chatting we did with everyone on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

On Christmas Eve we went to the Nutcracker. I highly highly highly recommend seeing it before it ends January 2. Read all the amazing reviews of the dancing, costumes, and story line and you will totally want to go. This is the ceiling at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Before it started and before we found out we weren’t supposed to take pics.

Magical snowflakes in the lobby.

Someday I will work for Richard Hudson, the costume designer for this production.

Christmas morning!

New tool box

Eating Take 5s for breakfast.

Hello Dasani commercial and our lobby. It was a cartoon winter wonderland. The automatic doors have suffered so much. And if you didn’t notice, the moon boots made it to the bronx.

Magical windy snow patterns on the windows.

The security guard laughed at Dave’s outfit until we told him we were walking in the parking garage between buildings, not outside.

We decided to check on our friend’s apt while they are out of town to make sure everything was okay. (our windows seem ready to break any second. Single paned windows on the 22nd floor and pounding winds) We found some nice snow and ice on their window sill.

I made some scarves out of some extra chemise my friend Sarah had and sent them to my friends for christmas. Funny how they kind of go along with Brynne’s wedding colors!

Our friend Veronica in the ward insisted on taking pics of me in her lobby with all the christmas decorations. This was right after she gave me a popsicle.

Merry christmas house. P.S. Dave’s site is looking different – check it out.