polar bears

This is a really mixed up post about lots of random things. here we go. First of all, Carrie talked about the Pano iPhone App on facebook and I bought it. It’s pretty fun to take panoramic pics. (the one above was taken when i did it the wrong way)

A panoramic view of a classy night at TGIF in the Bronx. I discovered that their brownie sundaes are 1400 calories! Never again.

This is where Dave works right now – Jacobi hospital – and this is the view of it from our apt.

Next Saturday, January 8th, is the first day of the indoor farmer’s market at St. Thomas’ Episcopal church in Mamaroneck! Click on that link to find out who will be selling and the hours and the directions. I’ll be there trying to figure out what’s going on.

It’s a cool building and parking is up behind the church.


I really don’t like ice skating but I really liked it this night with the YW/YM. I think it’s one of the best activities we’ve had so far!

Bea came shopping with Dave and I on New Years Eve. This is in front of that cool building on Bond st.

3 Red Velvet Milkshakes and some cake truffles from Milk Bar. Yum.

Waiting for the ball to drop at Central Park

The fireworks that start suddenly, last forever, and the finale is awesome.

Today it was in the high 40s in NY which made for a great New Year’s Eve last night and perfect opportunity to do the Polar Bear Swim at Coney Island. We were just going to watch but then, why not swim? This guy brought a giant blow up octopus. I liked watching it dance in the water.

getting ready to jump in!

It was so cold that it felt like your body was on fire.

Let’s be honest. I only earned Polar bear legs.

Lots of fun people

We had a nice polar bear lunch at Nathan’s with Bruce and Clara. My toes felt like blocks of ice.