This is a really random mix of pictures so get ready.

Stole this from my mom (and the next 2) Happy 1 year anniversary eating gross but cute cake

Standing in front of a garden brooklyn bridge

Classic sitting in front of the christmas tree picture. We look giant and our christmas tree looks tiny

We saw lots of deer at Aunt Kathy’s graveside service. I loved singing I Stand All Amazed with everyone and listening to Grace Edwards sing Amazing Grace. (I also love the movie Amazing Grace, by the way.)

Hanging out on Megan’s floor at Brynne’s shower/girl hangout

Hayley was really upset about the couch positioning

We missed you ashley and rachel!

Thanks Burke for attempting to get the picture!

Hanging out at Dantzel and Brooke’s house between the wedding. It was freezing and I just loved all the chat time

Thanks Megan

Brynne’s snowball cake at her reception!

Including tanner and brynne on a sled, carved out of sugar clay by tanner’s mom.

Lovely entertainment. They played some nice Amelie which I love but kind of made me sleepy for a little bit.

The candles melted onto the salt in the jars and it looked really pretty

Dantzel made this quilt!

they looked great

I don’t know why this pic is mini.

My great-great-grandma who created and sold the Dunford donut recipe to dunford. Remember that the next time you get a dunford donut from 7-11

My dad building our window seat in the garage. To be built and setup next week.

I don’t know why i was so red!

Brynne in front of her new house/apt! She won that steamer at work.

Yummy baked cream cheese at the dodo