two things

Two things feel particularly exciting in life right now – sleep and my new window seat. Sleep because I’ve had a cold for the past few weeks that makes me sleepy and the window seat because it’s awesome!

My dad made the window seat in SLC and took it apart to send with me on my flight. We put it together Saturday night and last night I fell asleep on it for two hours. I woke up in a lot of pain because I haven’t put any cushions on it yet so there is an improvement that needs to be made. But the best part was when we discovered that it created bunk beds with the seat underneath! Both spots are very warm and comfortable.

Today we went to the Queens Museum of Art and saw this really cool panorama of the city. I’ll let Dave post more pics about it.

Friday we went to the MOMA for target free friday. I’m starting to enjoy museums more than I used to which is a good sign. (other places with target free days – Queens Museum, Wave Hill, and some more listed on their website)

New exercise activity for the year – learning how to tap dance! I really liked ballet but I’m wondering if tap dancing could be more my thing. Maybe it was inspired by ashley and larson who thought I was in a movie? This girl really does look like me in the beginning ( i think )