snow days

The other night we decided to go to Ashley and Larson’s to watch the Byu/san diego game in the middle of a storm. Before you feel bad for us, don’t. We both knew we were in for a night of adventure (kind of like what happened last year when we drove out in the snow storm) but 4 hours later, I was over it. We left their apt in Brooklyn at 12:15, drove down a snowy court st and followed a plow down Atlantic Ave (running all the red lights!), got on the freeway, tried to transfer to the 678 and saw that the exit ramp was piled up with cars and trucks that were stuck, tried to get off for the 295 and got stuck along with a big pile of cars (there was a semi at the front that was sliding and a bunch of cars stuck and people yelling at each other.), backed up onto the freeway, took the exit for the Whitestone bridge and got stuck behind an Escalade that was driving so slow that we almost didn’t make it over the Whitestone bridge, waited on the Whitestone bridge while they plowed the toll lanes? and almost ran out of gas, got through the toll part and saw the crazy amount of traffic for I-95 and got off at the Hutchinson River pkwy, tried to get gas and got stuck in a TON of snow, Dave bought a shovel and took 20 mins to get us out, got gas in a gas can, helped these other guys shovel and push out their car, made it to the garage only to discover we had to shovel tracks to drive into the garage, got inside at 4:15, made popcorn, and went to bed.

That was a long story. I learned a lot about snow and snow operations that night. Like watching the plows come down on the freeway in a 5 plow formation! That was cool. I also learned that gas stations can make good money by shoveling the part by the pumps but not shoveling the entrance so you think you can get in but then you get stuck and have to buy a shovel. And a gas can. Below are some pictures of our bad drive, the next night driving and looking at the snow at Glen Island and Manor Park, and the next next night playing in the snow at Pelham Bay Park. There is even a video if you want to see it.