Want to know my favorite treat tonight? It is eating bell peppers and lettuce with this recipe:

Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
Brown Sugar

Movie recommendations for Netflix Instant Queue:

National Geographic Secrets of Jerusalem’s Holiest Sites
Anna and the King
White on Rice (only if you want to see Dave in a Daniel Boone costume for 10 seconds)
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings
The Little Princess (childhood favorite)
His Girl Friday (kind of funny for the first 1/2 hr)
Groundhog Day
Undercover Boss
Jazz on a Summer’s Day ( i love newport)
Fawlty Towers (semi-entertaining british comedy)
One Fine Day
Black Sheep
Crips & Bloods: made in america (not for kids. or for me really, but i feel like i learned a lot)
The Amish: A people of preservation
Peggy Sue Got Married
Center Stage
Corrina, Corrina
The Count of Monte Cristo
Wallace & Gromit (love all of them!)
Sleepless in Seattle
Valentino: The Last Emperor
Keeping up Appearances (painful, but great british comedy)
Sweet Home Alabama
The September Issue

So for those who say there is nothing on instant queue, you are mistaken. I have watched lots more movies and shows than that but a lot of them I quit part of the way through (that is the beauty of instant queue!)

I never realized that going through a button jar could bring back a lot of memories but it does. Some of the buttons are those extras that come with new clothes, some have fallen off old clothes, and some I got at a thrift store in a church basement.

This is a dress my grandma wore to dance in the 30s! I took off the bodice which is ripped all over the place and I’m going to make a new top using my patternmaking skills? hopefully

These next pics are from New Beginnings! It was a good time