Dave and I are going to new orleans tomorrow morning and everyone seems to call it nola for short. Kind of nice? We just booked our hotel today and we have a few ideas of things to do. If you have any suggestions, send them our way!

Other things that happened this week – 24 HR Book of Mormon Challenge. It was tough. I had to leave a few times to do homework and work but those girls went from 8am to 3am.

Birthday! I made him a giant birthday card out of paper triangles.

We ate a late breakfast/lunch at the Crosstown Dinner. Now they are 2 places I like to eat in the Bronx. Their chocolate chip pancakes are great and so are their pickles and coleslaw. Dave liked his burger a lot too.

I also started an internship at Early Halloween on Tuesday. I think I’ll be going twice a week just to help with mending things and other stuff? It’s unreal how much stuff they have. Clothing from every time period, shoes, jewelry, muffs, scarves, ties, etc,etc,etc. If you want to make a movie, come here!