friday night

Friday nights are pretty cool at our apt. Dave is at school studying and I’m working on my military project that is due on Tuesday. I finally stopped singing that Taylor Swift Mean song in my head to my illustration teacher because it turns out that he’s really nice and helpful. But he doesn’t mess around. Yesterday he helped me feel less stressed about drawing a face.

I washed a bunch of our shoes today and they dried in like 3 hours when I turned my bench + heater into oven. It was blazing under there

This is our community garden plot. Today a bunch of the LDS kids helped me clear out branches, turnover the soil, and plant some radishes and carrots. It was pretty chilly but a good time

I got my new glasses at Costco, p.s.

I really like this song today

and this one

(you can get it for free on Miss Moss)

I paid for this one i liked it so much

This Seinfeld opening sketch made me die laughing. I can’t embed it but you should watch it. It goes along nicely with my thoughts on why people high five each other at games for other people playing well.