more projects

I decided to redo my project from my first semester illustration class. We had to do sports attire and I decided to use Japanese fashion magazines for my inspiration.

Turns out I hated the heads so I chopped them off. I think the clothes are kind of fun though

The project I’ve been working on lately is a military inspired coat collection. I chose the Cossacks. It took a long time to draw and redraw and redraw everything. This is my mood page

These are beginning sketches. I got rid of the cape on this one because I didn’t think it was displayed very nicely. But now I’m thinking maybe I should have kept it.

The final drawings and inspiration

I took the face out of the quilted coat girl and replaced it wither another one in photoshop

Inspiration for makeup

final pages

I’m also in a menswear sewing class but all I do in that class is have a great time because there are a lot of awesome people there and no stress. My teacher is just the nicest thing.