baltimore + slc

Baltimore (on a bus) and SLC (on a plane) in one week! Crazy. First, if I had little girls, I would buy them these things at Home Depot.

My darling niece Kyra!

She loves staring into the front-facing camera. I think she took this pic herself

A rough draft of the star spangled banner

Fort McHenry with Kip, Cliff, Lorien, and Kyra

Hanging out at Hayley’s house before the wedding dinner


Everyone was so cute and matching

Nice pic of Joe in the back

Hayley friends

Kind of matching?

I don’t recommend flying standby on the sunday night redeye from SLC to NY. I got the very last seat!

And I wish I had more pics. Sadly our memory card is being weird and we could only take 45 pics. Hoping to steal some from Brynne, Megan, and my mom.

I like these pics that Brigham took of our reunion at the airport!