I forgot to post this ONE picture we took when Nate and Annelisa were here. (Although Annelisa has a picture of us on her phone so I need to get that) They came into town for Dave and Nate to go to a conference at Yale and Annelisa and I just shopped it up and ate a lot of good food. And got rained on a lot too. It was so fun! I wish we were closer so we could be neighbors or hang out friends more often. Maybe someday.

Also, between my baltimore and SLC trip we went to the NY Botanical Gardens in the Bronx and they were magical once again. This time they had an Orchid show with a broadway theme. I thought it was so cool. Theatre inspired:

The audience:

The chandelier:

All the flowers were just so pretty and made me want to buy orchids. Then I remembered that after the flower falls off it’s really hard to get them to blossom again.