exploration runs

I’ve been running and training for Ragnar this weekend but now it looks like we’re not going to do it. Dave finishes his 3rd year this week! Along with that comes tests and all sorts of random stuff. So that’s what kind of killed Ragnar. Plus, we’re going on a road trip to Michigan next week and we haven’t even planned anything. Anyways. To motivate myself to run I’ve been running to places or at places that sound fun to me.

This pic was taken on City Island which was a really fun run! I ran up and down each street and looked at the houses.

We bought a tent for our road trip. Hopefully it will be fun?

I saw a bunny at the farmers market yesterday! It was my last day at the market and it was a sad to say goodbye. But sounds nice to say hello to my saturday mornings again. (I may say goodbye again if they hire me for Larchmont)

pretty lilacs for sale!

They had a “yarn tasting” where you could try different yarns. This was a salad made of yarn.

We found these scrubs by the elevator today! They look like Beth Israel footballs. This was after we had an awesome pre-goodbye dinner from our ward! I’m glad we’re not saying bye for 4 months.

I watched them put together the giant head at Madison square park a few weeks ago. It’s actually really beautiful, especially at night.

Terribly crooked pic of the war monument at Pelham Bay Park.

Exploration run at Orchard Beach. This is on tiny Two Tree Island.

More beautiful blossoms!