school ist over

My last class was last night! Well actually my last class is tomorrow night. But my men’s shirt looks terrible and I’m not going to that one. My eveningwear project was inspired by Thea Porter- a designer from the late 60s. I did lots of short sleeve kaftans and let’s just say I got real caught up in the fabrics and didn’t do enough designing. My teacher did not like this project, but that’s okay.

I’m grateful for the class because a) it made me really stressed and I had to make myself be tough around him b) i learned it’s really hard to make excuses because most people see right through them so you should just tell the truth or do it right c) I love chartpak markers and colored pencils! So much. And now I want to design some postcards – maybe some YW and primary themed ones.

Dave is done on Friday! yay!