ragnar + city island

I have decided I would like to purchase a Wii for the purpose of playing Just Dance all day long. Dantzel, I still desire to play Pump it Up for 3 hours everyday in your basement. Why are these games so fun!? We played it with the YW for Mutual.

So I did end up doing 1/2 Ragnar and it was really fun!! I drove up to New Haven with Hyeku, Cole, Molly, and Andrea and ran almost 3 legs. (my knees/legs did not make it through the third one) It was real treat to see Mike Visser and Trav and meet some new friends.

It was really pretty by the water.

Molly was an all-star.

The next day Dave and I went to City Island to buy a Kayak! I have desired one for awhile and a blow up one will have to do. Hopefully we can do a test run on Friday. After we purchased that we had fish and chips at The Snug (they were okay) and wandered around the main street. I have wanted to go to this cute food truck since I saw it a few weeks ago.

Very cute red and turquoise stuff

Homemade ginger ale and delicious ronneybrook icecream

I like the Marine store