more tv to watch

Just when you thought I didn’t like Taylor Swift enough, I continue to like her more. And her music videos. Music videos are really the best because they are mini movies with great music.

Another new addiction (this one is for you Lorri!) – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I’m really liking food lately – thinking about it, watching it being cooked, etc. It’s true that we eat a lot of junk and we should really understand where our food comes from. We were at a Pioneer Trek meeting a few weeks ago, talking about killing a chicken for dinner one night and we were all grossed out. Thinking about it now, isn’t that kind of crazy? We are so distanced from our food that we just think of chicken as being a pink frozen thing in the freezer. Maybe if we were more connected with our meat we would appreciate it more. Just some thoughts. We did watch Food Inc too which was pretty interesting.