more summer

Fun summer is kind of over at our house because Dave is studying for Step 2 of the boards. But we did get to check out the new section of Highline Park on Sunday which is exciting and cool to begin with and got even more exciting when I saw Rainbow City! Such a great surprise. We had to play around for a few minutes.

Really cool birdhouses on the Highline.

We tried this hot dog place in Mamaroneck named Walter’s that has been in business since 1919. There is nothing funnier than driving through a beautiful neighborhood and seeing this chinese pagoda with picnic tables outside.

Before I build it up, it was gross. The hot dog is made with pork? I got sweet potato sticks that I thought would be like sweet potato fries but they were more like mozzarella sticks – mushy on the inside. I should say that Dave thought the hot dog was interesting. And their chocolate shake made with homemade icecream was so so good. And if you read the reviews, people love this place! Maybe I’m just not very open-minded about hot dogs.

One big summer success is the garden. It looks kind of bare in this photo because I just pulled up tons of lettuce. I couldn’t be more excited that my pea plants have real pea pods growing on them. My life long dream to grow peas has been fulfilled.

I’m really excited about moving to our new apt but then I remember that it’s on the first floor and we’ll have to say goodbye to such a nice view.

p.s. I know this blog looks way different but I decided to start over with a new basic theme since I couldn’t for the life of me get it to work last night.