pioneer trek

Last week we finally went on Pioneer Trek! I was kind of nervous about it for a long time so I was glad when the day finally came to go. We started out at the church in New Rochelle checking all the kids to make sure they were wearing the right things. Then they introduced trek, the mas and pas did skits, and we broke into families. We headed up to Ten Mile River Scout Camp, a few hours behind schedule, and experienced some difficulty when our bus turned off and we were separated from the bus caravan and got lost. We made it eventually.

This is Dave and I at Zion.

Some of our family hanging out before we left.

Playing this really fun 2×4 game with Lizzy. We had a cheater way of doing it and we were doing great but then we lost.

Dave and Michael made it! But they were very slow.

Everyone kept telling Dave he looked Amish. I agree.

One of the activities in Zion was hair washing. With dish soap. Maranda really wanted to wash my hair so I let her go for it.

Team Dynasty (or True Dynasty..we couldn’t decide) heading into Zion

Zion was so beautiful. One of the prettiest campground spots I’ve ever seen.

Pa walking the trail. We weren’t actually supposed to help the kids with cart. We just walked along with them and gave moral support and yelled at people to get away from the wheels.

Victor, Liz, Michael and Gio. I loved how the guys usually let go above the bar when we stopped, leaving the girl that was helping with all the weight.

Trekin through the wilderness.

We had to take our shoes up for this mud bath. It was gross.

At the end of Day 1, we came upon this gorgeous view of the valley.

Manny was a good time.

Our trail boss Dave Dibble! He was great.

Here’s a link to all the pics we took on Picasa

The trek was very short but I learned so much about the kids. They were so hard working and motivated and willing to do what was asked of them. (Including the time that I was “sick with small pox” and had to ride in the hand cart.) I always thought that the kids in our day would not be tough enough to be pioneers but they totally would be.