We went to RUB BBQ on the 4th of July on Brigham’s recommendation. We are going to say, it was okay Brigham. It was okay. I liked the fried oreo which I had never had before! The Zaitzeff burger currently triumphs over all other burgers. I had the chicken which is not as good as Hill Country Chicken. We didn’t plan for the night and we were just finishing up eating when the firework show started. So we paid and walked quickly down 8th avenue and then down 34th street to see tons of fireworks. Even giant planet fireworks! I liked them.

Other than that, we are just being really cool in the Bronx. Dave is studying 12+ hours everyday and I’m just trying to work as many hours as I can. The best part of every day involves me or Dave falling asleep early (we switch off every day) and being really mean to whoever is waking us up. Like when I told Dave he needed to use his brain the other night when he tried to wake me up to pray. Or a few weeks ago when I kicked him super hard for trying to wake me up. I felt really terrible about that one for a few days. One time I declared our child’s name was Mackage. And Dave died laughing one time when I said popperty. Dave just does his best to convince me he can continue to sleep even though he told me not to let him fall asleep. Then wakes up before I can even say anything to say “it’s okay, it’s okay.” Or tells me I’m annoying and need to be nice when I am being nice. This is our main source of entertainment.

Plus, parks & rec! Brigham, Brynne, and everyone else, you win. We love it! Andy is the best.

Next week is girls camp and then Utah! Seriously, I can’t wait.