Well I turned 24! So that was great news. We had one of my most favorite dinners at La Esquina’s restaurant in the basement. We finally had reservations! It was a dream meal because I love their grilled corn and I got to try their tostadas and it was just the perfect size. We were nervous when we found out that they have a DJ after 11 but it turns out that dancing and eating is really fun. The only disappointment was that they put espresso in their chocolate cake so we couldn’t have that. And we had to settle for McDonalds shakes because everything else was closed.

We got there a little early and walked around Little Italy which is super fun at night.

The next day the YW tricked me into a birthday dinner which included Just Dance and it was a great time.

This is a sideways picture of my pants which is funny because I was driving in the Bronx, having a great time and then I dropped my water bottle in my lap and this is what happened. I tried to hold my purse over it as I went inside but I’m pretty sure the girls on the elevator saw it.

Last night we had a water balloon fight behind the church for mutual. We played water balloon volleyball for 5 seconds and my legs got owned with mosquito bites and I just decided the volleyball was over.

May I say that the best birthday present I received (besides my new skateboard and black keds and Carhartt Plaid Dress!) was to see people using that basketball court down there. Can you see those little people? I think they might have been school kids. We’ve been in that scary building up to that floor and almost out to the court. We were a room away. It’s been my dream to see someone play there or to play there myself and on my birthday, my dreams came true.

The biggest success of today is that I finally fixed my blog! All the old pictures are back up and I had some fun playing around with the design. And for anyone that is trying to remember, we move to Boston Sept 3. Dave is going up first for orientation and first days of school and then he will come back and then we will move.