irene & boston

My mind is a little nuts right now for some reason. I think it’s the working and the packing and trying to get over the fact that they cancelled church on Sunday and I didn’t get to say goodbye to people in our ward. I’m really so sad about it. Luckily I have one more YW activity to go to tomorrow night! We are moving with all our stuff on Saturday and Dave is currently in Boston attending orientation and the first few days of school. He took Step 2 last Thursday and then went straight into the next thing. Seriously, the fun never stops. Great news that his bus was cancelled on Saturday so that he could hang out with me on Irene Sat/Sun. The news really scared us to death and all we had was a little wind and rain and some fallen trees.

I taped our windows just in case.

There were leaves all over the pretty lawns in Larchmont after the storm. The porches on this house are fantastic!

One of our favorite secret bridges had a section taken out by the water.

And this is where we saw a red van and a group of people driving laps around a parking lot through the water

After Dave’s test we walked around Central Park

And we finally went to the Floating Pool in the Bronx at Barretto Point Park! This has been on my list ever since I moved up here.

Sadly they wouldn’t really let us take pics because of security issues. And the lock we brought didn’t work so we couldn’t swim. But it was awesome

Oh and here’s some pics that Dave had from the cabin!

Tether ball

Fish eye cabin

The sushi rolls we made at Bear Lake

Oh and a few weeks ago I took a personal trip to Wave Hill. I really like that place! This is inside the greenhouse:

And I really like this video today