block island + charles river cruise

Long story short – We were invited to Hilary and Stephen’s Block Island Wedding Weekend Celebration. Through all sorts of miscommunication, we thought we could come whenever we wanted to visit and hangout with them so we decided to go for Saturday morning. Actually, we wanted to go Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon but you can’t camp there and hotels are at least $100+. Saturday night our ward was having a Charles River boat cruise hosted by our Bishop who wrote a book about the Charles River and we thought we better go to that.

Turns out that we went Saturday morning but couldn’t find Hilary and we just kind of hung out by ourselves (which was fine because it is a beautiful place!) and then we saw them for like 20 mins before our ferry left. We discovered that we actually should have stayed for the nighttime part at Block Island because that was the big event. And that they had lots of extra rooms available in their beautiful beach houses. Shoot. I kind of felt like we left the island being bad friends but I promise we came with the intention of being good friends. Anyways.

And then this week Dantzel and her parents came! Seriously, it was so fun. I wish that they could be my neighbors here. I only saw them one night which was really dumb and all my fault. Hopefully they can come back again soon!