My friend President Monson

I just finished his biography last week! It was only 553 pages. At first I kind of struggled with the book because I felt like his life seemed way too perfect and he is just so perfect. I did love reading about what it was like to grow up in Salt Lake and the way things used to be. And I quickly learned that while the book did not highlight any shortcomings (I kept waiting for all the drama of rough stone rolling!) there were so many repeating themes and repeating actions I could learn from. Here are some things that I liked-

-First: I realized how perfect President Monson is to be to the prophet right now. Besides being a great man, he has a background in print and advertising and publishing and all they have been doing with and relaunching has been awesome.

-Second: I love how he automatically expects people can do better. I love the stories of him visiting people who didn’t show for church and telling them they need to come back. I think sympathy and understanding people’s situations are very important but I also think sometimes we don’t push people enough or give them enough credit. He expects the best out of people and often gets it. (Quick side note, one of the YW in the Bronx ward wrote me a note to say thank you for everything and mentioned how I pushed her off the dock at girls camp. She couldn’t decide whether or not she should jump and she was being so ridiculous about it so I just pushed her off haha. She said she learned from that experience that she could do a lot more than she thought she could and to not be afraid. Best note of the day.)

-Third: While I am semi-tired of the phrase “reaching out for the one”, I love the way that President Monson was all over the place doing different types of service. I hope I can be less stressed about my schedule and what I need to accomplish in my life and more ready to listen to the spirit and act.

-Fourth: I actually liked learning about the origin of home teaching and how the different groups and organizations in the church were formed. There were a lot of chapters about organizing the church in Germany after the war and before the wall was taken down and those were so interesting! It’s amazing how Heavenly Father paved the way to eventually have a temple built in Germany.

There were a lot more things that I liked and I think I would recommend the book. It is a little long but it helped me to know and love our prophet so much more which I really appreciate.